I was invited to give a minicourse about expander graphs at the summer school geometric group theory without boundaries (20–31 July 2020, virtual). The recordings of the talks are available here.

I was also invited to give a minicourse on expander graphs at the Graduate Student Concentration Week on Metric Geometry 25–29 July 2022 - Texas A&M

Invited Talks

2023, Dec 19
Ein Märchen der Weihnachtselfen und digitalen Revolution, Weihnachtsvorlesung - Göttingen Christmas lecture (outreach)
2023, Sep 12
On coarse geometry and group theory, Workshop: Totally disconnected locally compact groups from a geometric perspective - Münster
2023, Apr 27
An invitation to coarse groups, Gruppen- und Operatoralgebren-Treffen - Potsdam
2023, Apr 6
Roe-like C*-algebras for actions on meausure spaces, Seminar on Algebra and Combinatorics - Leipzig
2023, Mar 15
Discrete fundamental groups as invariants of coarse geometry, Workshop: Discrete and combinatorial homotopy theory - AIM (San Jose - California)
2022, Dec 15
On coarse homomorphisms and their kernels, Séminaire d'Algèbres d'Opérateurs - IMJ-PRG (Paris)
2022, Nov 10
On group actions and expansion, RTG Colloquium - Göttingen
2022, Sep 15
Coarse groups, Workshop on Expansion and Approximation - Copenhagen
2022, Sep 1
An invitation to coarse groups, Geometry and Topology Seminar - Technion (Haifa)
2022, May 19
On strong ergodicity, C*-algebras and Markov operators of group actions, Operator algebras and Group Dynamics Workshop - CIRM (Marseille)
2022, May 10
On Roe algebras of warped cones, Oberseminar C*-Algebren - Münster
2022, May 5
Coarse structures, groups and automorphisms, Differential Geometry Seminar - Heidelberg
2022, May 4
Coarse groups and their coarse actions, Oberseminar Geometrie - Gießen
2022, Mar 3
An invitation to coarse groups, Wokshop: Geometric Structures in Group Theory - Oberwolfach
2022, Feb 9
Strong ergodicity, projections and Markov operators, NYC noncommutative geometry seminar - St Johns University (New York City)
2022, Jan 18
On projections, exhaustions by expanders and ergodic actions, Focused Research Workshop: Higher-Dimensional Expanders - Bristol
2021, Jul 22
Is high dimensional expansion invariant under coarse equivalence, Online meeting: high-dimensional expanders, coarse geometry and infinite group theory - Bristol
2021, Jun 1
Cube complexes with coupled links, Tee Seminar - Münster
2021, Jan 8
Expanders of dynamical origin - Heidelberg
2020, Dec 1
Markov operators and ghost projections, Oberseminar C*-Algebren - Münster
2020, Nov 23
Coarse groups and their coarse actions, GGT seminar - Münster
2020, Aug 17
Asymptotic expander graphs, Symmetries in Newcastle - Newcastle (Australia)
2020, Jul 1
Of measurable actions and finite graphs, Online geometry seminar - ETH (Zurich)
2020, May 27
From group actions to finite graphs and back, Operator Algebras Seminar - Copenhagen
2019, Jul 18
On metrics, measures and dynamics: expanders via warped cones, colloquium - Karlsruhe
2019, Jun 5
Geometry of actions on metric/measure spaces, Simons Semester on Geometric and Analytic Group Theory - IMPAN (Warsaw)
2019, May 10
Discrete fundamental group: the large and the small, Junior Topology and Group Theory seminar - Oxford
2019, Apr 11
An introduction to warped cones, Probability and Ergodic Theory seminar - Ben-Gurion University (Beer-Sheva)
2019, Mar 19
Discrete fundamental groups and warped cones - Indiana University (Bloomington - IN)
2019, Mar 14
Proving hyperbolicity for cube complexes, Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference - Birmingham (AL)
2019, Mar 12
Cube complexes with coupled links, Geometric Group Theory and Topology seminar - Tufts University (Boston - MA)
2019, Jan 10
Cube complexes with coupled links, Geometry and Topology seminar - Technion (Haifa)
2018, Oct 12
Expander graphs and how to find them, Geometry Graduate Colloquium - ETH (Zurich)
2018, Oct 4
Expanders via actions on manifolds, Geometry Tea - Cambridge
2018, Aug 23
Non-positively curved cube complexes with hyperbolic fundamental group - KAIST (Daejeon)
2018, May 18
Geometric constructions of expanders, Combinatorics Seminar - Warwick
2018, Apr 18
Coarse geometry of approximating graphs: discrete fundamental group, Mini-Workshop on Superexpanders and Their Coarse Geometry - Oberwolfach
2018, Mar 26
Warped systems of actions on metric spaces, Groups, Actions and von Neumann algebras seminar - Orsay
2018, Jan 29
A geometric construction of expanders, Algebra, Combinatorics, Measure Seminar - Lancaster
2018, Jan 22
Coarse geometry of expanders, Kleines Seminar - Münster
2017, Sep 30
Super-expanders via approximating graphs, Workshop on Operator algebras, Geometry and Actions - Warsaw
2017, May 2
Approximating graphs: a geometric constructions of expanders, Seminaire Groupes et Analyse - Neuchâtel
2017, Feb 27
An introduction to expanders and how to construct them, Junior Geometry and Topology Seminar - Warwick

Contributed Talks

2022, Mar 31
An invitation to coarse groups, Topological and Homological Methods in Group Theory - Bielefeld
2021, Sep 6
Coarse Groups, Ventotene International Workshop - Ventotene
2019, Oct 15
Strong Property (T) in the proof of the Zimmer Conjecture, Arbeitsgemeinschaft - Oberwolfach
2018, Jul 19
Constructing expanders by approximating geometric actions, GAGTA - Seoul
2018, Jul 5
Warped cones: a coarse geometric invariant of actions, workshop on Dynamical methods in Algebra, Geometry and Topology - Udine
2018, May 24
Cube Complexes with Coupled Links, workshop on Nonpositively Curved Groups on the Mediterranean - Nahsholim
2017, Jun 29
Approximating graphs: a geometric constructions of expanders, yGAGTA - Bilbao