A monograph

    An Invitation to Coarse Groups

    (with A. Leitner)
    Arxiv (Current version)


  1. A new construction of CAT(0) cube complexes

    (with R. Kropholler)
    Algebraic & Geometric Topology, to appear (2021)
  2. Embedding cube complexes into products of trees and fly maps

    (with R. Kropholler)
    An appendix to the paper: Hyperbolic groups with almost finitely presented subgroups; Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics, to appear (2021)
  3. On the structure of asymptotic expanders

    (with A. Khukhro, K. Li and J. Zhang)
    Advances in Mathematics, 393, (2021)
    Published version, arXiv
  4. Asymptotic expansion in measure and strong ergodicity

    (with K. Li and J. Zhang)
    Journal of Topology and Analysis (2021)
    Published version, arXiv
  5. Remarks on partitions into expanders

    Aequationes mathematicae, 95 no. 4, 751-759 (2021)
    Published version, arXiv;
  6. Discrete fundamental groups of Warped Cones and expanders

    Mathematische Annalen 373, no. 1-2, 355–396, (2019)
    Published version, arXiv
  7. Fundamental groups as limits of discrete fundamental groups

    Bulletin of the LMS 50, no. 5, 801-810, (2018)
    Published version, arXiv
  8. Superexpanders from group actions on compact manifolds

    (with T. de Laat)
    Geometriae Dedicata 200, no. 1, 287–302, (2019)
    Published version, arXiv
  9. Measure expanding actions, expanders and warped cones

    Transactions of the AMS 371, no. 3, 1951–1979, (2019)
    Published version, arXiv


  1. A Markovian and Roe-algebraic approach to asymptotic expansion in measure

    (with K. Li and J. Zhang)
    Submitted (2020)

Other things I wrote

PhD thesis: Geometry of actions, expanders and warped cones, University of Oxford (2018)